Backyard Gardening

Eatin’ Heaton’s Garden

One who plants a garden, plants happiness.”
-Chinese Proverb

Mantis on spiral cucumber

A delightful spotting! A praying mantis on our Japanese cucumber plant.

This Spring, as I looked forward to starting a new gardening season, I thought about how I could successfully expand it, keep it fenced in from the dogs, and what new vegetable or fruit I would plant.

When expanding it this year, I wanted to keep in mind what I learned from last year’s garden. One thing was for sure, I was not going to up-cycle pallets again as squash and cucumber trellis’ —all that did last year was give starlings a perch to peck at the flowers of the fruits. Instead, I purchased inexpensive trellis’ that the vines have thoroughly enjoyed covering so the birds simply have no place to land other than the ground.

I also convinced my husband to build an arbor for our garden gate which is now Summer 2014 Gardencemented in the ground. We reused our short fencing from last year, and I’ll begin building an actual picket fence around the garden next year…unless of course I make the garden even bigger! (I am planning on it.) And just this first week of September, I clipped some herbs (rosemary, sage and tarragon) and hung them from the arbor to dry so we can use what we grew over the autumn and winter.

New to the Eatin’ Heaton’s Garden this season are raspberry canes (2nd year starts), two artichoke plants (also 2nd year starts), cantaloupes and nasturtiums. I also managed to keep a few of my seed starts alive — San Marzano roma tomatoes, “Money Maker” heirloom tomatoes and two varieties of Zinnias, which are taking over!

Cantaloupe         Artichoke     Nasturtiums


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