My Goals

To-do lists have been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. They help me manage my time with all of the different chores, home and garden projects, errands, and goals I have for myself. There is nothing more satisfying than drawing a line through something on my list, or better yet accomplishing an entire list! I love to look back through my notebooks and take inventory of where I began the journey and where I am presently.

Educational Goals

  • Maintain at least a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for the length of SLCC career (on track with a cumulative 3.8 GPA as of Spring 2017)
  • Obtain an A.S. degree with a Geography/GIS emphasis Spring 2017 (applying for Spring graduation!)
  • Earn a partial tuition scholarship (I have earned a small grant for 5 semesters in a row!)
  • Begin at the University of Utah in Fall 2017 seeking at least a partial scholarship
  • Be the first in my family to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science degree by the end of 2019

Professional Goals

  • Become a volunteer at the Utah Food Bank, Wasatch Community Gardens, or another local organization that brings food to people.
  • Find a mentor in the Geography/GIS field (I signed up for the SLUG GIS newsletter and my sister-in-law, who works at UDOT, is connecting me with a couple of her colleagues.)
  • Begin an internship with a local or state agency in the summer/fall of 2017
  • Secure a GIS-related position at the state or federal level OR for a private company that allows me to spend time outdoors
  • Serve the greater community through my work (Serving humanity is my greatest goal.)

Personal Goals

  • Get outside with my son (hike, bike, run, play) at least twice a week (Doing it!)


    Just below the summit of Preston Peak at Brighton – Elevation 10,315′

  • Establish a daily meditation practice with my husband
  • Practice restorative yoga Sunday evenings for a better mind-body connection
  • Exercise my creative spirit by either crafting, cooking, or baking something new each month (I whip up new healthy and delicious recipes every week!)
  • Continue to grow a vegetable garden seasonally and add a new vegetable each year (I added artichokes this summer!)


    Artichoke plant – new to the garden

  • Learn how to play a musical instrument, perhaps an Irish one, and share music with my son (Or just listen to KRCL on Sundays for our Irish fix…)
  • Stay emotionally/physically/mentally balanced
  • Read a book a month!

SLCC’s General Education Learning Outcomes

Students communicate effectively. This includes developing critical literacies—reading, writing, speaking, listening, visual understanding—that they can apply in various contexts; Organizing and presenting ideas and information visually, orally, and in writing according to standard usage; Understanding and using the elements of effective communication in interpersonal, small group, and mass settings.

Students develop quantitative literacies necessary for their chosen field of study. This includes approaching practical problems by choosing and applying appropriate mathematical techniques; Using information represented as data, graphs, tables, and schematics in a variety of disciplines; Applying mathematical theory, concepts, and methods of inquiry appropriate to program-specific problems.

Students think critically and creatively. This includes reasoning effectively from available evidence; Demonstrating effective problem solving; Engaging in creative thinking, expression, and application; Engaging in reflective thinking and expression; Demonstrating higher-order skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation; Making connections across disciplines; Applying scientific methods to the inquiry process.

Students develop the knowledge and skills to be community engaged learners and scholars. This includes understanding the natural, political, historical, social, and economic underpinnings of the local, national, and global communities to which they belong; Integrating classroom and community-based experiential learning; Identifying and articulating the assets, needs, and complexities of social issues faced by local, national, and global communities; Evaluating personal strengths, challenges, and responsibility for effecting positive social change in local, national, and global communities; Drawing upon classroom and community-based learning to develop professional skills and socially responsible civic behaviors; Engaging in service-learning for community building and an enhanced academic experience.

Students develop the knowledge and skills to work with others in a professional and constructive manner. This includes engaging with a diverse set of others to produce professional work; Interacting competently across cultures; Understanding and appreciating human differences; Understanding and acting on standards of professionalism and civility, including the SLCC Student Code of Conduct.

Students develop computer and information literacy. This includes using contemporary computer hardware and software to effectively complete college-level assignments; Gathering and analyzing information using technology, library resources, and other modalities; Understanding and acting upon ethical and security principles with respect to computer technology and to information acquisition and distribution; Distinguishing between credible and non-credible sources of information, and using the former in their work in an appropriately documented fashion.

Students develop the attitudes and skills for lifelong wellness. This includes understanding the importance of physical activity and its connection to lifelong wellness; Learning how participation in a fitness, sport or leisure activity results in daily benefits including stress reduction, endorphin release, and a sense of well-being.


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