ENGL 2100: Technical Writing

Course Reflection

This course taught me how to write in a technical manner with great resources and I am so thankful for Professor Elisa Stone’s teaching style. I really appreciate how the class was constructed so that each assignment built into one of our three class projects. Between class discussions and peer reviews, the interactions with my classmates, even for an online class, were really helpful. This was one of my favorite courses, and was taught so smartly. 

Project Reflection

This final project taught me much more than I anticipated it would.  I took full advantage of Professor Stone’s instructions in which she suggested that we look for and find a job that we truly wanted, and then write our cover letter and resume based on that job query. In doing so, I saw what was really available in the field I would like to pursue, and realized how challenging it would be to do so with a small child by my side. I am not sure I will be able to follow my current path the way I had envisioned, and I am grateful that I was able to see that in completing this assignment. I would still like to pursue the same Bachelor’s degree and GIS certifications going forward, but if I am honest with myself, and follow my intuition, then I believe that my path winds around the mountain a different way. 

Cover Letter


Other Writing Samples

Community Awareness Campaign: Indoor Air Quality Brochure

Service Learning: Letter Of Intent to Volunteer at RFR

Real Food Rising – Project Presentation