DANC 1010: Dance and Culture

While this is not a “dance” course per se, it is a class where we use dance and culture as a lens through which we look at diversity issues (race, gender, sexism, ageism, ableism, sexual-orientation, and other social justice issues). However, we do dance — and we move and learn and have experience with the “elements of dance” — so that you can better learn to observe, describe, and be aware of dance AND human movement in general. We also learn simple dances from the dances of different cultures (African, Native American, Polynesian, European, India, Brazil, present-day America), and something about each of those cultures, too.

Local dance performance at the Rose Wagner Theater

 In this class, you are encouraged — through writing and discussion — to confront cultural oppression and privilege (and current attitudes and actions) that continue to separate peoples and privilege some groups over others so that cultures that are different from each other are diminished.

Signature Assignment

Small Group Project

 For this class, we completed a Signature Assignment as well as a Group Project. Professor Bennington was by far my favorite teacher at SLCC thus far — he taught all of us so much, and I am grateful to have had such a mind-expanding experience with other students. My class was as diverse, culturally speaking, as was the dance we studied.