Welcome to my ePortfolio! This body of works in progress has been a rewarding learning experience all on its own! I am truly excited to share my journey of completing an Associate of Science degree with you and I appreciate you taking the time to glance through my  pages of coursework, check out my evolving goals, and read about my lifelong learning lessons outside of the classroom.

About Me

In the autumn of 2013, I was thrilled to find out that my husband and I were pregnant with our first child. As you can imagine, a thousand wonderful things flew through my thoughts like a roost of migrating monarch butterflies. One of those thoughts was about what kind of life I wanted to lead once my son was born, and what example I would show my son by obtaining a higher education. I knew that I had to decide whether or not I would go back to my truly enjoyable job at Backroads, but only at part-time status, or if I could begin taking classes at Salt Lake Community College just a couple of months after he was born and work towards completing a college degree.


Salt Lake City overlook on Desolation Trail, Millcreek Canyon

In an effort to make a decision about which path to take at this particular junction in my life, I began conducting research into the fields of science that interest me the most. My top three fields of interest are Anthropology, Geology, and Botany. I also kept in mind that whatever career path I embarked on, I wanted to make sure that I could also be of service to humankind in that field.

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”

– Rabindranath Tagore

With little hesitation, I made an appointment with an adviser in the Geography department at the University of Utah. Geography? Are you scratching your head? Well, I had an A-HA moment in which I realized I could study all of my beloved interests and do work that helps my fellow man at the same time! Geography marries together the study of earth and how humans interact with it, both directly and indirectly.

Alas, I began my academic career at SLCC in the autumn of 2014! I have been pushing onward and upward, keeping with the timeline I planned for myself. I am really looking forward to graduating with my A.S. degree this coming Spring!



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